Thursday, April 2, 2009

i realize

that i never ever ever update this. i guess i'll try to start this again, but who knows what'll happen.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Title Fight

these guys are seriously one of the best pop punk bands out there right now. go check them out if you haven't yet. they're one of my favourites.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tribe Time

indians Pictures, Images and Photos

i'm likin' our chances this year! it seems as if Buster Olney is picking the Indians to take the AL Central... again.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

"i will mangle your mind"

i watched Velvet Goldmine last night, and i thought it was very very good. i had seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch a while before this one, but i think i like this one a little bit more. in my opinion, the music is a LOT better. i'll post a link to the soundtrack at the bottom. i really suggest checking out this movie and soundtrack, as well as Hedwig and the Angry Inch which is also excellent.

Velvet Goldmine Pictures, Images and Photos

Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


right now i am putting off working on a first draft of an analysis paper that i should be writing for my english class, but i guess i shouldn't complain too much, because we had the opportunity to analyze any art we would like. of course i decided on a song that has been stuck in my head for weeks now. it's a cut off of Crime In Stereo's ...Is Dead album. in my mind "Nixon" is the stand out track. maybe it's because it's one of the fastest tracks, maybe it's Kristian Hallbert's vocal lines and lyrics, or maybe it's Alex Dunne's guitar leads, but i just can never get enough of that song or that album. if you've never heard it, i suggest checking it out.

Crime In Stereo - ...Is Dead

Monday, January 19, 2009

old friends, good fun

anticipating another weekend in OU i was pretty pessimistic, but it turned out being a lot of fun. Josh and i stayed with our friend Alex in his single dorm room, which wasn't actually too bad. we slept on the floor friday night, and kicked Alex out of his bed on saturday, and shared it. haha. friday we just hung out, listened to some folk punk, and chilled. saturday we went to a house show who are friends Max and Loren in Signals Midwest (or Signals Dickfest), and the Ghost of Asa Phelps played. it was a good time, a lot of craziness. and then just some more hangin' out. the community service at a thrift store wasn't too bad either.


and tonite i got a chance to catch up with Pete, Tim, Pat and Megan, which was a lot of fun. we sat around and watched Unsolved Mysteries on Spike and just hung out. i love seeing people from home so much. then i came back to Capital and hung out with Adam, Reid, Karen, Nikki, which was fun too. nights like these put me in such a good mood, but i can't help but miss some people.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


when i found out at the beginning of this school year that A Day To Remember was putting out a new album this winter, i was stoked. and then once that i found out that the album title was Homesick, i about lost it. i really felt like that fit me, because being at school makes me miss being home so much.


i got a chance to hear the new album today, and it blew me away! i wasn't really sure if they could top For Those Who Have Heart for me, because i love that album, but Homesick is incredible. i know i'll be spinning it for a while. definitely try to get your hands on it before 2/3 which is it's release date, but if you can't, buy it, which i will be doing. these dudes know what's up.

- Homesick tracklisting -
The Downfall Of Us All
My Life For Hire
I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of? (feat. Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada)
NJ Legion Iced Tea
Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End
Have Faith In Me
Welcome To My Family (Feat. Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain)
Holdin’ It Down For The Underground
You Already Know What You Are
Another Song About The Weekend
If It Means A Lot To You (Feat. Sierra Kusterbeck of Versa Emerge)

Monday, January 12, 2009

into it is right.

so today i downloaded a band called Into It. Over It. His name is Evan Weiss, and he's been in some other bands, but this stuff, in my opinion is excellent! in 2007, and through 2008, he decided to write and record one song every week, and then he posted them for free on his website,, each week. i took the time to download all of them, and although i haven't listened to each one yet, you should still check it out. i even zipped them and put them on mediafire for you! i'll include that link below too. but seriously, check him out, it's seriously awesome stuff.

Into It. Over It. - 52 Weeks
[the link is under the picture.]

Sunday, January 11, 2009

when things go wrong

getting arrested sucks, especially when it leads to more and more dumb shit that needs to be done. if you didn't know, i got arrested, along with Josh, in Athens, Ohio at OU over Halloween. we had to go to court, and are now in a "diversion program" which requires us doing some community service, reading a book, and taking a class. LAME!

anyway, yesterday was the first 8 hours of our 12 hours community service requirements. we went to sleep around 3ish and had to be at the court house at 7:45, bad choice. we got breathalyzed, and 2 people failed, SHIT SUCKS DUDES. so then we went to a recycling plant and stood and sorted paper for 4 hours. it was so boring, and i think i was sleeping during most of it. we had an hour for lunch and Josh and i went to Chipotle.

when we went back, i walked into the bathroom and saw the coolest thing ever. (Josh and i are starting a bar at some point in our lives, so this is what we're going to do.) it was the front part of a bar, or in this case counter, in the bathroom. i'm so glad we saw it, because we'll definitely try to do it.


and after our next bin of paper, we went and moved a bunch of wood and metal out of another building, but this time it was just our group, as everyone else kept sorting. haha. i guess overall it coulda been a lot worse, but it wasn't too bad.

Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9th, 2009

now that this blog has been up for a year with relatively no activity, i'll try to pick it up.


this is what my time consists of recently:
green tea
pop punk
sega genesis

what a life i lead.

Best of '08/New in '09

so i know i'm running a little behind on this, but i figured i'd at least do it now.

i've read so many lists this year (more than i've ever read before), and i see so many albums, and EPs, that i've fallen in love with this past year, and others that i haven't really cared for too much. but i thought i'd let you all see what i think about the way '08 went, and the way '09 is shaping up to look. now i know that my '08 list mostly EPs, but i can listen to them over and over without caring that it's only a few songs. so here we go...

[these are in no order]

TOP OF '08

Adventure, Nostalgia, and Robbery EP
now i know that "We Are Everywhere" came out in 2006, but for some reason i had never even heard these guys until '08, and when i finally did i was so mad at myself for never finding them. these guys are one of the catchiest pop punk bands i've ever heard.

Polar Bear Club
Sometimes Things Just Disappear
i had the privilege of catching these guys at Bernie's in Columbus. it's a really small bar venue in a basement. the only word i can really use to describe the show was explosive. being the kind to stand in the front and yell every word, i was surrounded by a bunch of other guys doing the exact same thing. this album spins every time i get into my car and i can never seem to get it out of my head. oh yeah, and they just signed to Bridge 9 Records, so you know it has to be good.

New Found Glory
Tip Of The Iceberg EP
what can i say about this other than, i love NFG, and this EP only made me love them more. this is definitely a departure from the steps that they had been taking on the last couple albums, being that it is heavier, harkening back to their hardcore roots. check this out for sure if you haven't yet.

the Wonder Years
Won't Be Pathetic Forever EP
let me just say that i love these guys. this 4 song, well, 3 song with an intro, EP really blew me away. their debut, Get Stoked On It!, is exciting, fun, and full of pirates, zombies, and ninjas. but this new EP shows how real things can be sometimes. Soupy sings about his life, fucking up, and the realities of touring. kick ass EP and some real awesome dudes.

Paint It Black
New Lexicon
i recently started listening to Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, and Armalite, which all feature Dan Yemin. and '08 featured yet another release from the band he fronts, Paint It Black. this album amazes me every time i play it. it's another must have from the Dan Yemin collection.

Title Fight
Kingston 7"
this set of 3 songs might be some of the best pop punk that i've ever heard. it's definitely heavier than your run-of-the-mill pop punk, but it's catchy for sure. after a couple listens you won't be able to forget it.

Me vs. Hero
this is the only non-US band on my list, but these dudes really deserve it. i had this EP playing almost all summer and i can just never get sick of it. they are VERY comparable to Four Year Strong, so it must be good. from super poppy verses, catchy choruses, and heavy breakdowns, it's worth a shot.

Fight Fair
Settle the Score EP
from beginning to end this power pop punk... hardcore? is so catchy and infectious that you'd think that you were listening to a radio pop station, until the breakdown that is.

This Will Not Define Us
i saw these guys January, 1st in Cleveland on tour with the Wonder Years, and they blew me away. they're all still pretty young and they sound better than a lot of bands i've heard anyway. they really know what they're doing, and if this album was any indication, they're headed places for sure.

the Gaslight Anthem
the '59 Sound
of course this would be on here. i saw these guys at the show with Polar Bear Club i mentioned earlier, and i'm SO GLAD i did. they'll never play in a place that small again. this record is good from start to finish with a good old rock revival sound. of course, the obligatory Bruce Springsteen reference has to be made, but they do it right, so forget about "Born In The U.S.A."


Two Hand Fools
Wreak Havoc
Reaching Your End
the Sidekicks

this is my only explanation. this is going to be a big year in music, you better be buys some of these albums, because i know i will.

Fake Problems - It's Great To Be Alive
Transit - Stay Home
New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight
the Wonder Years/All Or Nothing - Distances
Bomb the Music Industry! - Scrambles
Broadway Calls