Monday, January 19, 2009

old friends, good fun

anticipating another weekend in OU i was pretty pessimistic, but it turned out being a lot of fun. Josh and i stayed with our friend Alex in his single dorm room, which wasn't actually too bad. we slept on the floor friday night, and kicked Alex out of his bed on saturday, and shared it. haha. friday we just hung out, listened to some folk punk, and chilled. saturday we went to a house show who are friends Max and Loren in Signals Midwest (or Signals Dickfest), and the Ghost of Asa Phelps played. it was a good time, a lot of craziness. and then just some more hangin' out. the community service at a thrift store wasn't too bad either.


and tonite i got a chance to catch up with Pete, Tim, Pat and Megan, which was a lot of fun. we sat around and watched Unsolved Mysteries on Spike and just hung out. i love seeing people from home so much. then i came back to Capital and hung out with Adam, Reid, Karen, Nikki, which was fun too. nights like these put me in such a good mood, but i can't help but miss some people.

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