Sunday, January 11, 2009

when things go wrong

getting arrested sucks, especially when it leads to more and more dumb shit that needs to be done. if you didn't know, i got arrested, along with Josh, in Athens, Ohio at OU over Halloween. we had to go to court, and are now in a "diversion program" which requires us doing some community service, reading a book, and taking a class. LAME!

anyway, yesterday was the first 8 hours of our 12 hours community service requirements. we went to sleep around 3ish and had to be at the court house at 7:45, bad choice. we got breathalyzed, and 2 people failed, SHIT SUCKS DUDES. so then we went to a recycling plant and stood and sorted paper for 4 hours. it was so boring, and i think i was sleeping during most of it. we had an hour for lunch and Josh and i went to Chipotle.

when we went back, i walked into the bathroom and saw the coolest thing ever. (Josh and i are starting a bar at some point in our lives, so this is what we're going to do.) it was the front part of a bar, or in this case counter, in the bathroom. i'm so glad we saw it, because we'll definitely try to do it.


and after our next bin of paper, we went and moved a bunch of wood and metal out of another building, but this time it was just our group, as everyone else kept sorting. haha. i guess overall it coulda been a lot worse, but it wasn't too bad.


A Boy and His Blog said...

what did you get arrested for, d00d?

lessthangene said...

really dumb things, like being with people why they're buying beer. haha. that college is not a good place to be on Halloween.

Jordan Lillington said...

hxc bro!

lessthangene said...

haha. yeah dude, totally.